The Chart 
online arts journal, annual print anthologies, & visiting critic programming

This Desire
exhibition at Able Baker Contemporary (curator)

MTV Crits!
participatory music video screenings + discussion

Peculiar Constellations

Persephone in the Late Anthropocene
collaborative spoken opera

multi-site meta event (curator)

A Rebus of Identical Selves
performative installation with Douglas W. Milliken

Public Space: Cairo
collaborative project-based inquiry into site + space

i need you, i love you
works on paper

These are just words. These are not just words.
text installation


"A conversation amongst two artist writers who witnessed the performance together," with Imani Roach, Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, Volume 15, Issue 2, May/June 2019

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, ed. Vivian Ewing, Portland: Wash and Fold Press, 2017

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The Chart Anthology: 2015–2016.
Portland: The Chart, 2016

"Ann Hirsch, IRL," The Chart, August 2016

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Better With Foam: Richard Keen's FOREandAFT at Oxbow Blending & Bottling," Dispatch Magazine, August 2015

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June–September 2019
The Chart presents the 2019 Visiting Critic Lecture Series
Portland, ME

April 25–28, 2019
The Chart at Common Field Convening
Friends Center, Philadelphia, PA

November 2, 2018
Noontime Talk
Readings for an Exhibition: Carly Glovinski and Jenna Crowder in Conversation
Colby Museum of Art, Waterville, Maine

October 12–14, 2018
The Chart at the Boston Art Book Fair
Boston Center for the Arts

October 5–6, 2018
The Chart at the New England Art Book Fair
SPACE Gallery

July 28, 2018
Panel Discussion on Deborah Wing-Sproul’s Durational Devices: I–V
Biddeford, Maine

May 4–June 24, 2018
Pickwick A–Z at Center for Maine Craft
Gardiner, Maine

March 23–May 5, 2018
THIS DESIRE: poetics + longing at Able Baker Contemporary
Portland, Maine

December 27, 2017
Wash and Fold Press: Enter Rural Scene

November 2–5, 2017
The Chart at Common Field Convening
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Los Angeles

October 12, 2017
Field Perspectives 2017
"Airing Out Ambivalence: on cultural care and the allure of judgment" by Ellen Tani was commissioned by The Chart as part of Field Perspectives 2017.

October 6–7, 2017
The Chart at the New England Art Book Fair
SPACE Gallery, Oct 6: 5–9pm, Oct 7: 9am–5pm

September 30, 2017
MTV Crits! at Waking Windows Portland
étaín boutique, 5:30–6:30pm
Episode 6: WITCHES
featuring: Stevie Nicks, Beyoncé, and Princess Nokia (pictured)

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